Wine Marketing Follies

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This post is dedicated to my friends who carry the burlesque torch!

Once in awhile, I spot burlesque imagery on a wine bottle.  As a former burlesque dancer, it gets my attention.  As a self-identified girly-girl, it gets my attention.  I love to look at ornamental, vintage objects and designs.  Especially if there is a pretty woman, adorned in sparkles, beads, and feathers.  But this wine- I will never buy, and I will tell you why.

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In the Dark and the Light

New Orleans, 2010?

Oh lordy, don’t let me fall apart now…

Sitting in my bathtub, the door was shut, the lights off, and the shower curtain closed. The sun was going down, and the bathroom was getting dark as I decided to turn the shower on while sitting in the hot bath water, trying to escape into the waterfall of warmth.  Was I trying to recreate the safety of a womb?

“This is it”, I thought,” this is what it feels like to crack”.  I knew that I was starting to lose it, after leaving the last burlesque practice on a sour note.  I think I yelled at Ben.  I shocked myself enough to not really know what I even said. Continue reading

The Alligator Woman: drunk ideas gone right.

I got drunk.  I wanted a new dance routine.  I needed ideas!

Something new to the audience’s repertoire of burlesque performances.

Something that my fellow New Orleanians would adore for years!

Brainstorm, brainstorm! Make a list!  Go big! Go bold! Go weird! Go New Orleans!

I am pretty sure that I was drinking Jameson and Coke that night, because I wanted the caffeine buzz along with the intoxication.  After-all, I had work to do.  I was staying in tonight to work on my costumes.

Inspiration struck shortly after I sat down to create my list of ideas.  I was ready to start this new idea now, so I immediately hopped on my spray-painted flat-black cruiser bike, with a red rose on the handlebars.  It was a quick trip from my Marigny home on Port St., up to the French Quarter gift shops on Decatur St., where I set out to find a taxidermy alligator head.

A glamourous alligator stripper- yes, that sounds weird and lovely to me!  I wasn’t sure if I was going to be a full or partial alligator at that point.  I just knew that I loved the idea enough to get it started.  Yes, I knew it was a drunk idea.  Yes, I know most people think their ideas are great while drinking, and then they realize they are not so great the next morning.  However, that didn’t stop me.

“Large heads $75” Gasp!  My plan is foiled- I won’t pay that much!  I turned around to leave and spotted a large, plush alligator stuffed-animal for $20-something-bucks.  The head was as big as mine…I could cut it apart, make a mask out of the head and use the tail as…a tail!

Photo by Zack Brown @ Asheville Americana Burlesque and Sideshow Festivla 2012

Photo by Zack Brown @ Asheville Americana Burlesque and Sideshow Festivla 2012

It musta been a charming sight for the tourists to see- a girl riding her bike down the street with a large stuffed alligator in one hand; however, I know it was charmingly normal for the locals.



A search for Self, via the “Selfie”: A Spiritual Quest with the Modern-day Self-Portrait -OR- “I Swear This Isn’t a Vain Attempt in Selfie-Collection”

Selfie Sample 2012

Selfie Sample 2012

I felt so alive, so at peace, so aware, so…on my way to being refreshed- as I walked through the Bywater neighborhood of downtown New Orleans on my first morning back in town.  I walked past all of the colorful houses and tropical flora.  I held my purse close, to stop the metal chain strap and the contents from jingling, so that I could listen the sounds in the near distance.

Boats, water, trains, birds, people, music…  I felt shivers run through my body as my muscles loosened-up their tense grip under the balmy, late-morning sunshine.  An unexpected feeling of emotional warmth and refuge took over me that morning.  I will always remember this feeling, because of how I perfectly articulated it in a Facebook status that day- “Finally decompressing from 6 months of every major life-stressor minus having a baby. It feels like ghosts are leaving my body, every couple of hours…” Continue reading

Man up, and have a damn good rosé

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Detroit Cobras – “I’ll keep holding on”
(Album: Mink, Rat, or Rabbit)


Its too fucking hot here in Central Texas to drink red wine right now, so I’m on a rosé kick.

It took awhile for me to realize that I could drink rosé without worrying that I would die a poor trailer-park mom with 6 kids running around barefoot with food all over there faces, and beer cans strewn all around the broken down cars in the yard.

I don’t know what did it, or who did it, but something about pink wine just scared the shit out of me. Continue reading