About LFDW & Bonny Rose

2011 Wine Spectator Restaurant AwardAbo 

 ut this blog: I am a wino who loves to write, or a writer who loves wine.  Either way, wine has fueled my life and my decisions for the past several years, and here we are…

About me: My name is Bonny Rose MacDonald and I work as a bartender for an awesome rooftop restaurant on the top floor of a boutique hotel in Portland, Ore.

I use this blog mostly as a platform to launch my writings into the public eye as I strengthen my ability to write for the public. My goal for 2015 is to submit my work to a variety of magazines and websites that host memoirs and stories about food/beverage, culture, and entertainment.

My New Orleans connection is vital to my written work, since it was my home and muse for nine years, where I managed restaurants, produced events, and performed burlesque.  I was born in Texas and mostly raised in Portland but the Crescent City provided the foundation for the bulk of my food and wine knowledge.  I returned to Texas after New Orleans, and continued my study of food and wine, with the unexpected help of the restaurants that I worked for.

A heartbreaking chain of events happened, and I ended up back in Portland (for a third time).  I decided to take a break from restaurant management, I retired from burlesque, and I now dedicate my time to studying wine, business, and becoming a better writer.

I have a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of New Orleans, and you can say that I haven’t done jack with it or you can say I use it all day, everyday.

I have been a writer my whole life, writing entries and stories in my journal as a teenager, crafting high school newspaper articles, publishing a punk zine with a friend, guest writing for other ‘ zines and blogs, and of course- forced college writing courses to get my degree.  It took a few years after college, to finally follow my writer’s heart, by taking classes and workshops to fine tune my writing skills and “platform”, so they call it.

Because my professional background consists of restaurant industry jobs and event production, I feel that I can offer a unique and realistic viewpoint for my food/beverage and entertainment content.  I hope you enjoy what you read.  Please let me know if you have stopped by!  Thanks!

Die-hard supporter of boxed wines

Die-hard supporter of boxed wines


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