In the Dark and the Light

New Orleans, 2010?

Oh lordy, don’t let me fall apart now…

Sitting in my bathtub, the door was shut, the lights off, and the shower curtain closed. The sun was going down, and the bathroom was getting dark as I decided to turn the shower on while sitting in the hot bath water, trying to escape into the waterfall of warmth.  Was I trying to recreate the safety of a womb?

“This is it”, I thought,” this is what it feels like to crack”.  I knew that I was starting to lose it, after leaving the last burlesque practice on a sour note.  I think I yelled at Ben.  I shocked myself enough to not really know what I even said. Continue reading


On fine tuning my craft

Conjuring my vision, developing my strategy, and finding my purpose in a sea of writers.

Stating my intent for the universe and benevolent forces.

Knowing that I can’t follow society’s instructions for success.

I don’t want to be a know it all. I just want to tell stories and share good things. I want to write from a place of curiosity and support for passionate beings and doings.

And secure glimpse of today for the people of tomorrow.