The Longhorn, The Salmon, and The Oyster…



Rudy’s BBQ, a roadside staple, found outside of Austin, TX

The Longhorn, The Salmon, and The Oyster.  These are examples of signature food sources from Texas, Oregon, and Louisiana- the three states that I call home.

As a server, I have worked in restaurants that feature these regional cuisines, over the past 12 years, between all three states.

Often times,  we look back on the things that we wish we did when we had a chance.  For me, there are the foods that I wish I ate more of, when it was served just around the corner from my home.

When I moved from Portland to New Orleans, I missed Pacific Northwest seafood and vegetarian options.  I craved smoked salmon, breakfast at the Paradox Cafe, and healthy snacks from the Daily Grind.  When I left New Orleans for Texas, I missed Gulf Coast seafood, backyard crawfish boils, and Creole favorites, like gumbo.  When I left Texas to go back to Portland, I missed the convenience of taco trucks on every corner, and the short, beautiful drives out to the country for award-winning BBQ.

Now that I am back in Portland, I realize my pattern, and I am eager to indulge in what this land and food culture provides for me at this point in time.

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