Wine and relationships

Driving a 14 hour drive from Pensacola to Austin the other day, I started getting really sick of music.
Sick of what I had, and not in the mood for anything new, I decided to find some podcasts to listen to.

I was in the mood for listening to something that was going to be insightful without making me zen out so much that I wasn’t paying attention to traffic. I browsed through stations through my Stitcher App, to the “Lifestyles and health” menu, and then furthermore to “Dating and sexuality.”

In typical girl fashion, I like to listen to stuff about relationships, and furthermore I like to hear discussions on sex, so I stumbled upon this podcast called “Intimate chats with the Love Birds”, named after the therapist couple Chuck and Joann Bird.
They started off their show with a bottle of wine, supplied by a local wine shop that helps to sponsor their show.

The owner would discuss the wine as your “wine relationship expert”, and often chime in how wine and relationships are similar.
Since the show is on the radio in Tampa, FL, the wine shop would advertise upcoming wine tasting events in between show segments.

While I thoroughly appreciated the insight through the various episodes I had listened to, I was also amused by understanding the similarities between wine and relationships.
In turn, it helped me to think about some things that have been on my mind in regards to aging.

I just turned 30 this summer, and while I have my moments where I am counting all of the gray hairs on my head in front of the bathroom mirror, I am also open and accepting of looking at myself in a positive light toward accepting the idea of aging and relationships.

In fact, I have encountered some moments of the past few months, where I watched myself elevate my ways of thinking and approaching certain relationships (love, friends, family, work) and subject matters.

When I compare the scenarios and people to similar ones from the age of 18, I am directly seeing the change in response between the two me’s (the 18 yr. old and the 30 yr. old).
Its funny how we can’t “see the future”, yet we can see the past; or that we can remember what we once thought or felt, but can’t (typically) forsee how we will think or feel about something later on, as if we don’t know ourselves.

Like winemakers, we can take note of the factors that influenced a period of our lives, and we can analyze what we did that worked for us, while analyzing what worked against us, similar to cultivating a harvest. We can analyze how we affected others in certain ways, or even harmed ourselves, by looking back at you, similar to how a young wine will be paired with a food, differently than it may be when it is aged longer.

Any silly plant could somehow be used in that metaphor, but I enjoyed the podcast in which I found it, and for those of you who like to learn about keeping a relationship healthy, with a little dose of wine talk, you might like this show during your next road trip.

Search for it on your Stitcher App on your phone, or
or you can listen directly from their site:


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