Peculiar pairings pt. 1

(Currently listening to Failure. I stumbled upon this band when I made a CAVE IN radio station on Pandora last night when I was stoned. Although its not as sonically-charged as it was last night during my inebriation, its still pretty good atmospheric metal…if that makes sense). It turns out, they were one of those hard rock bands from the 1990’s who never got their deserved attention, because grunge and self-loathing sad-man-loves-heroin rock took over the airwaves…

So anyways, I’ve been trying to find some new pairings lately, but in my own kitchen, with my limited time and energy, I am not finding much this summer.

However, a couple of weeks ago, I had an Acacia Pinot Noir with some calamari at Moonshine in Austin, TX. The calamari didn’t just come with a lemon wedge, like usual at most restaurants, but there were a couple of slices of lemons that were also battered and deep fried along with the calamari itself.

Like usual, I took baby sips of my wine alongside every individual item we ordered, because I am always looking to be amused by a new pairing.
And HOLY SHIT! I found myself a gold mine!
The pinot noir was kick ass with the calamari and double kick ass after the deep fried lemon.
It was as if the Pinot Noir was infused with lemon oil, while still maintaining its pinot noir-ness. Of course, if you are not a citrus fan, then you won’t care, but for those of you who like to douse lemon and lime on almost everything, then you will appreciate this quirky lemon oil mouth explosion!

In addition, I just made myself a pretty badass grilled chicken salad, and all I have at home right now is (my first purchase of…)Bota Box boxed wine. I got the California Old Vine Zinfandel, and its pretty good for a cheap zin, but its even better for now having the equivalent of 3 bottles of Zin sitting on my countertop for instant wine gratification for the next few weeks!
I love just walking up to the box as if its a soda fountain machine at work and just taking a quick sip.
Again, I am taking a sip with every thing in my salad and I was bummed that it didn’t pair with anything in it, but I am noticing that it compliments the cucumber which is weird.
Cucumber is typically embraced as a light and refreshing taste, while Zin, or Old Vine Zin for that matter, is a big bold red wine!

A wine lover eventually learns to pair big bold wines with big bold food, and not the opposite, but I suggest you give it a try if you happen to have the two in your kitchen or at a meal.
I would love to hear your opinions from both friends and strangers in regards to Red Zin + cucumber, or any other odd and fun pairings!


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