Man up, and have a damn good rosé

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Detroit Cobras – “I’ll keep holding on”
(Album: Mink, Rat, or Rabbit)


Its too fucking hot here in Central Texas to drink red wine right now, so I’m on a rosé kick.

It took awhile for me to realize that I could drink rosé without worrying that I would die a poor trailer-park mom with 6 kids running around barefoot with food all over there faces, and beer cans strewn all around the broken down cars in the yard.

I don’t know what did it, or who did it, but something about pink wine just scared the shit out of me.

I drink it now because I learned what it means for a wine to be a “rosé”, how it is produced, and how much variety of it there has come to be.

Wine Spectator’s online glossary defines a rosé as, “Rosés, also known as blush wines, range in color from muted salmon-orange to bright pink. These wines are made from red grapes, colored through limited skin contact or, in rare cases, the addition of small quantities of red wine” (

Thanks for my former direct superior at work, Steve Bishoff from New Orleans, I started tasting rosés that were nothing like that sweet wine cooler flavor of cheap American “blushes” and white zinfandels.
Instead, I found dry and off-dry rosés with body, or layers of depth to their flavor profiles.

I would say my all time favorite is the 2009 Crios rosé, made with Malbec grapes from Argentina. My second favorite? Lets just compare it to a good one-night stand…I don’t remember the name but I will always remember it. It was at Bacchanal’s Wine bar and store in New Orleans, LA, the night that I performed at a tiki themed burlesque show in their backyard. I’m sure it was french…

If you live here in Austin, there are a couple of joints offering free tastings this summer, and they include rosés in that mix.

1. Whole Foods on Lamar
2. Uncorked on 900 E. 7th St.

After tasting about 5 out of the 8 free taste offerings at Whole Foods last week, I decided to stay at their bar (Mostly because I was really just too scared to go back outside in the heat), and I got the rosé flight, at a stunning $6 for three 2-ounce pours.
On top of that, the bartender poured a heavy pour, so I got way more than I payed for.

Whole Foods wine fight menu

This week, I got an email from Uncorked, since I signed up to be a “member’ on their website, so that I could find out about tastings and specials.
They are holding a couple of free tastings this summer, and this week’s tasting was on five rosé’s!
I was hoping they would have a Texas rose, since I tried a great one at VINO VINO, but they didn’t include one.
They sampled out the 2010 Charles and Charles made with Syrah from WA, E. Guigal Tavel, Bieler Pere et File rose’ from Provence, France made with Grenach, Syrah, Cinsault, and Cabernet Sauv.,, and finally Crios rose’ made from 100% malbec from Argentina!

I invited some people to join me, and we all agreed that the selection was great and the atmosphere and food were all great too.
We’ll be back next week for their Argentian tasting!


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