Wine + Young Folks… the times, they are-a-chaaaangin’

Listening to:

Cicada Omega – “The Boogie” (Album: These Bones)
“Afro-Punk, Southern Gothic, Folkadelic Soul, or
Transcendental Junkyard Blues Music from
Beatnik Kentucky Voodoo Renegades” (Myspace bio).

Well, I’m not the first one to take notice that wine is reaching or being reached for, from a younger crowd.

Here is an article that discuss wine and marketing for people in my age group.

This is a good read for marketing geeks and creative event specialists.
Below the link to the article is a link for a Blog by Leah Hennessy, who I stumbled upon after she connected to me on my Twitter account.

She has some interesting thoughts about the “Millenial generation” (People born from the 1980’s-now, supposedly, which I had never heard of until reading her blog) and their wine-buying practices
Good stuff for anyone with an interest in marketing, such as myself!

Advertising Age- “Millenials: The Great White Hope for the Wine Industry…”

>>> Wine + Millennials”>

And, a prime example of who will lead the race:
Charles and Charles know whats up…


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