Sauvignon Blanc: Diverse, like the men in a Lil’ Kim song…

Ok, we are going to start off with my favorite white grapes as of yet- Sauvignon Blanc.
(Viura from Spain would come in second place incase you were wondering).

S.B.- you have heard of it forever, it is often found affordable, or you have heard of it so much you think that it might be some cheap-ass shit and you rather spend a few more dollars on something that has French words on the label….am I right, or am I right?

It is Memorial Day today, and I will be heading out to a work party in a little while, but until then, I’m studying this bottle of New Zealand S.B. along side a plate of eggs and bacon and a cup of a coffee.
Not an ideal pairing, but fuck it, its my day off and I’m trying to make sure I write something at least once a day.
I’m sipping it from the bottle because I don’t feel like washing my dirty wine glasses right now.

Now, most wines are gonna taste like shit after a cup of coffee, but the acidity and bold fruit are cutting through the coffee-mouth enough to make me think that it would be a decent wine along side a creamy but hearty dish. The acidity is ideal to cleanse the palate, kind of how you smell a cup of coffee beans in between smelling perfumes at the perfumery/perfume counter (whatever your geographical lingo is, mine being somewhere tangled up in west coast/southern/new orleans).

So, you have seen this name your whole life, and if you haven’t had a wine geek for a friend, you might not have noticed that Sauv. Blancs can come from all over the world, and they are noticeably different from one region to another. From France, to California, to New Zealand, you will find a lot of options, but smaller, newer wine regions are having their hand at them as well. Be sure to give a taste test to S.B.s from Chile and South America.

If you didn’t like one, I recommend to keep trying them!
More info later…